Hi! I'm Ashley. I make anime and game related props and replicas.
You can learn more about me here, or check out some of the things I make in my gallery.

I'm currently a college student, and enjoy working on my replicas in my spare time.

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Kingdom Hearts Void Gear Keyblade Commission — Oct. 2013

Void Gear Kingdom Hearts Keyblade — Commission Oct. 2013

Some of the keyblades I’ve made over the years. My favorite is on top :)

Some Sailor Moon stuff I have been working on over the past year or so.

Pokeball hair bows created by my awesome friend :D

Kingdom Key version 3 I made.

New site is live!

Alright guys, here’s the new site. I hired a friend of mine to revamp the site and make it much easier to use, and so there can be more interaction between me and you guys.
Hope you like it!